Sharing with assurance

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Content level protection and location

Ascema is a new technology for locating, securing and controlling the movement of sensitive data and intellectual property within cloud collaboration environments, email systems and more.

By recognising snippets of sensitive or classified content created, shared and edited by your users, Ascema allows you to take a hands-on approach to active control of your sensitive content and intellectual property.

With prescribed interventions and automated classification Ascema offers a simple to use solution to control the flow and copying of content both within your network and external collaboration environments.


Ascema can be integrated with popular cloud sharing, file management and email systems, to scan for your sensitive data, and act accordingly if it finds a breach of your information security policies.


Ascema adds to the User Interface of your existing systems, to offer you extra options, allowing you to protect content largely without leaving your existing systems. Users need not learn a whole new system, just some basic extra functions.


Rather than manually protect each file, you can provide Ascema with proforma documents you would like to always protect. After this, Ascema will automatically classify documents of this type anywhere they show up on your protected systems.


After examining your data, Ascema stores only an irreversible fingerprint of the data, meaning that your data is still held completely within your own systems. No security or information governance headaches here.